Why It Works

This is why The Smart and Simple Way works. It’s about balance.

The funds we recommend are run by a dozen of the best minds in modern finance. They’ve studied how the stock and bond markets have worked for decades. They’re not psychics and they don’t pretend to be. They simply know the patterns these markets follow. Very few investment funds advisors in Canada are able to offer these specific market funds. We are part of that group.

And now for the balance.

We are constantly looking for the best GIC rates and terms the market has to offer. From over 30 financial institutions, the GICs we recommend vary by term and rate, but every one of them is risk-free as long as government insured limits are maintained. GICs are predictable and provide great stability, even for the most risk-squeamish of us. They also provide income as they mature.

Growth on one hand. Safety and income on the other. Diversification in both.