Today's GIC, RSP and RIF Rates

GICs are simpler - much, much simpler!

Are you looking for balance? Or just plain safety? Nothing is simpler than Guaranteed Investment Certificates. As long as you stay within the limits, your capital and interest will be insured and will not be at risk.

Varying the maturity dates provides diversification. Most often you can find better rates for GICs if you shop around. But we’ll do that for you - and save you the time and effort. Best of all there is no charge on the purchase or redemption of a GIC. And if you’re thinking of a bond fund, take a look at the management fee – the average is 1.5%. Doesn’t leave much for you these days, does it?

Wednesday October 16, 2019








Our Best RSP, RIF and TFSA Rates2.21%*2.25%*2.25%*2.30%*2.35%*
Our Best GIC Rates (Minimum $10,000)2.37%*2.37%*2.45%*2.45%*2.50%*
Major Banks (posted retail)1.45%1.70%1.80%1.90%2.00%
Gov't of Canada Bonds (previous day)-1.65%1.59%-1.52%
Bank Rate2.00%----
Prime Rate3.95%----
* These are the ANNUAL COMPOUND rates and are subject to change without notice.
Source: Bond rates from Bank of Canada Statistics