How It Works

This is how The Smart and Simple Way works.

You buy both GICs and Mutual Funds. Let’s break it down.

You buy GICs to hold onto the money you’ve got. You buy funds to make money with your money. So if you only wanted safety, you’d invest 100% in GICs. If you didn’t need part of your savings for some time though, you’d invest that part in funds.

When we meet you, we’ll listen to you and with your help, identify your taste for risk. Everyone’s taste for risk is different and we customize each and every account specifically for its respective individual or family.

Then we’ll determine what your preferred balance between GICs and Market Funds should be. We recommend diversifying between various world markets. We also recommend diversifying your GIC investment over varying terms. That’s called laddering. Diversification lessens risk.

Once we’ve answered every possible question you may have, twice if necessary, we’ll put your customized plan into place.

And here’s where it goes from simple, to simpler. We’ll make the occasional adjustment needed to keep things in proportion, but there won’t be many decisions to make unless your life style or goals change. Fewer decisions mean lower costs.

Truth be told, the whole thing may seem a little blasé compared to the costly fireworks spectacle you’ll see at other firms. We apologize for the boredom in advance.