Perspective anyone?

Funds don’t have to be complicated, although your current investment advisor might make you think so, right? You probably receive detailed reports every few months, with lots of figures and graphs and charts explaining how your money is divided up. Some advisors pretend they can outdo the market, but evidence is against them. We believe in trying to equal the market and the funds we recommend are smart. Here’s how they work.

When you buy an index fund, you’re buying a piece of almost all of the public stocks in a particular market. But you want to buy them in a way that produces the best returns. This is where “smart index funds” come in. A smart index fund is an index fund that has filtered out stocks such as those that raise accounting, trading or other concerns. The smart index funds we recommend focus on less popular stocks and those of smaller companies. That means they have greater potential for growth. They’ve been designed on half of a century of scientific logic and they’re managed by an organization of academics and economic Nobel Laureates, not soothsayers.

Very few investment funds advisors in Canada are able to offer these specific smart index funds. We are part of that group. And while these funds are designed for large investors, we are able to offer these funds to the smaller, more conservative investor which, if you’re still reading this, probably means you.

“Trying to time when to buy and when to sell as well as which stocks to buy is expensive, risky, and in the end futile. Harness the power of the market by owning all of it.”

- William Bernstein, The Four Pillars of Investing