Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a full range of GIC rates and terms from over 30 different financial institutions.

Mutual Funds
We do offer most of the Mutual Funds that are on the market; however the ones we prefer are managed smart index funds with low management fees. These keep costs very low.

Ask us about what insurance products we offer.

With GICs, there is no cost to you. We are paid a finder’s fee from the financial institution that offers the GIC you choose.

The Mutual Funds and segregated funds we offer are done so on a zero front-end sales fee. We earn income based on the trailer fees paid by the mutual fund companies. The funds we recommend to diversify internationally charge approximately 1.7%. 1% of that is paid to us. We know costs matter, so the funds we recommend most often have lower management fees.

Our account minimum is $25,000.

Accounts are opened at a trust company and have an annual custodial fee of $135 plus HST. We will cover the custodial fee on accounts with total assets of more than $500,000.

We prefer to use a trust company because there are advantages when it comes to tax reporting, account statements and the consolidation of your investments, especially when it comes to your RSPs and RIFs. Once your trust account has been opened, you will not be required to provide identification each time you make an investment.

To open an account with us, we’d want to meet with you personally. Government regulations oblige us to personally verify your identification and witness your signature. Once your account is open, any following contact can be conducted by phone, fax or email.

We’re located at the corner of Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto, but we understand that not everyone is able to come to us. If that’s the case, call us. We can make other arrangements.

When you open an account with a trust company, your cheques are never made payable to us.

All qualified GICs are insured up to $100,000 including principal and interest. This is done so by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario.

Mutual Funds are not insured.

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